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I have been a patient of Dr. Moe’s for 25+ years and he has always kept me on the run. No matter what injury I had, he had me back running in no time! Now he has really come up with a incredible product! The “Tones” he has developed help me run farther, faster, [with] less effort, than ever before and that’s with two total knee replacements! If it works for me, I know it will work for you!

Dick Beardsley 2:08 marathoner

Dr. Moe’s treatments and neuro training protocols keep me in balance and stronger with less injuries.

Jim Thome - Minnesota Twins

The results were absolutely unbelievable. I could not move and he had me out playing golf in about 2 and a half hours. I’ve watched him work on my students and without him I couldn’t have achieved what I have with my students. I needed Dr. Moe to get my students where they are today.

Craig Waryan - PGA Master Professional

I have used the In Balance CD series primarily because I run mostly on trails. Last year at camp, I swayed when I stood still and closed my eyes. And, I was tripping and falling down (not a lot but enough) on the trails. I started listening to the Balance CD as sonic therapy, and I rarely fall down on trails anymore. I also do not sway when I stand still. It seems like a small thing, but I also feel much more confident on the trails because I’m better balanced. Although my times in my races aren’t that fast, I’ve improved in every ultra distance in the past year. I took nearly an hour off my 100-mile time on races that were similar in terrain. I think the most significant change was in October (after I’d been listening to the CD for a month), I ran a hilly 50K and set a PR. It was probably a combination of listening the the CD and more trail experience, but either way, I enjoy listening to the tones.

Jenny Verhalen Stinson

Downhill Ski Racing – [I experienced] multiple falls that were affecting my balance and coordination. I came in and saw Dr. Moe on 3/1. He tested my balance and it was significantly off. I used the balance plate, listened to tones and had a minor adjustment. The results were amazing. I left feeling less pain and returned to about 95% of my pre-fall shape

Kristina Sheridan

My son missed the first month of baseball because of a sore shoulder. After weeks of going to traditional doctors, we finally went to see Dr. Moe. Dr. Moe immediately discovered the soreness was due to a dislocated tendon. After snapping the tendon back into place, my son was back on the field the next day. We are so happy.


My family and I call Dr. Moe the “Miracle Man”. I was the first to be treated by Dr Moe for my IBS. Dr. Moe gave me my life back! My husband was next to see Dr. Moe because he was suffering from Carpal Tunnel. It was so bad it would keep him awake at night. He was told he needed surgery. We went to see Dr. Moe and in 1 visit Dr. Moe was able to give him relief. About 4 hours after the appointment all the pain and tingling sensations in his hand were gone and they’ve never returned. That was 3 years ago! A couple of years ago I had a bad fall and injured my rotor cuff. I had very limited arm movement. I couldn’t even comb my hair without pain. Once again, a trip to Dr. Moe relieved my pain and gave me full use of my arm. While we were at Dr. Moe’s office my husband happened to mentioned another problem he had that was neurological in nature. Dr. Moe did some adjustments and fixed his issue. I could go on with many more examples of how awesome Dr. Moe is but space here is limited and you probably wouldn’t want to read it all. You might even think that what I’m saying isn’t true. Let me assure you every word is gospel truth!! I live in Rockford IL and me & my family ALWAYS drive to Eden Prairie MN when we have a problem Dr. Moe can fix. He is well worth the drive! Dr. Moe has helped me, my husband, my son, my daughter, my sister and my 2 grandchildren. He is a true blessing in our lives!


Dr Moe is a litte wacky but his methods work! I saw a physical therapist and four different chiropractors over 6 years for tension headaches and nothing they did seemed to work. On my first visit to Dr Moe’s office he said “I want to see you two more times next week and then I don’t want to see you again.” My first thought was “yeah right” but after three visits I wasn’t getting the severe headaches anymore. Two years later I get an occasional headache but no where near as bad as they used to be. I recommend Dr Moe to all my friends!


I have struggled with my balance for many years, especially in the winter. After going through neurological training with Dr. Moe including his music tone therapy, my balance has greatly improved.


Dr. Moe was able to get me back from a sports injury faster than anyone thought possible. I am a competitive cyclist and my performance has greatly improved since I started seeing Dr. Moe for regular treatment. I would recommend him to anyone.